I love creating original artwork in a range of different media including brusho, acrylics, gouache, watercolours and oils in bold colours and playful textures inspired by the natural world around us.

One of my favourites the sea of Gailiee

I grew up by the sea and continue to be inspired by its ever changing moods. Whilst I moved away from the coast of for work I continue to visit Devon, Wales and Suffolk regularly. My dream is to move to the Suffolk coast by the time I am in my my d 50’s,

What is your favourite beach? Some of mine are Blackpool Sands Devon, South Wold Suffolk, Wells on Sea Norfolk, Caswell Swansea and Whitstable Kent.

Why not get in touch with a photo idea from your favourite beach? A4 watercolour colours £60, acrylic or oils on canvas £85
Wooden fire guard with original acrylic artwork £75
Mixed media seascapes in a wine box with beach combing finds £225
Abstract seascape on canvas £125
Lazy seaside days original in gouache £65
Original acrylic £75
Mixed media £175 textures piece with driftwood, shells etc
Original acrylic on canvas £75
Original oil on canvas £125
Original mixed media £175
Large Original acrylic £125
Original mixed media piece on board beach combing £125
Original acrylic seascape on canvas £75
Original large acrylics and alcohol inks on canvas £275
Sea based abstract on canvas £95
Brixham trawler original in brusho £35
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