Paddington and Her Majesty

Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral Flowers, the Wreath top quality print £100, A4 print £45

Paddington Tea for Two, with her Majesty at the Jubilee 2022

Paddington Tea for Two
Original not for sale
A4 print £45 or A4 Giclee print £100

Long has she reigned over us, God has saved our Queen. Original £375

A4 print £45 or A4 Giclee print £100

Jo’s personal tribute to the Queen.
A work in progress, not for sale
Young Princess Elizabeth.
Original not for sale. A4 print £45
or A4 Giclee print £100

Paddington Bear

and the 10 days of State mourning

Work in progress.
Paddington Bear and a Buzzie
Finished original Paddington and Buzzie £145, Giclee A4 print £100, A4 print £45
Ceremonial Procession Original £145, Top end A4 print £100, A4 print £45
Her Majesty lying in State. Original £145 A4 top end print £100, A4 print £45
Not for sale photo “Please look after Our Queen in Heaven, thank you”

Taken on the day of her Majesty’s State Funeral at the war memorial opposite the Red House, Houghton Regis
Work in progress.
Paddington and a purple cushion, with a very precious crown. Original brusho and watercolour £75
Various brusho corgis for sale,
different sizes and prices

“Who let the dogs out?” …..

“where is the still, small, fun voice of
her Her Majesty
who would normally call them all back in….

Bess, Charlie, Dan, Betty, Bonny …….

Royalty at Ascot: Hats.
Not for sale
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