African and Middle Eastern

Pre the global covid pandemic Jo used to travel around the UK, where she lives and the world a lot.

African working mother and child
Original acrylic on board £125

Jo has worked, as an English Tutor to speakers of other languages in the Middle East, where a lot of Eastern Africans live and work, Dibouti and beyond. As well as visiting Israel and Cairo on holidays.

Market Gossip African style
Original acrylics on board £125
A4 Sana Yemen prints available £45
or Giclee print £100

As well as traveling throughout Kenya on an International business trip with the Central Herts YMCA.

Kenya in acrylics and brusho
Jo in the Harpenden Pop up Gallery 2022

Jo is wearing a gift from a lovely Kenyan lady, a connection made on a YMCA Kenya work trip;

Holding a card made from a an painting of Mount Kilimanjaro in watercolours.

Original £145, A4 Giclee print £100, cards £3
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